My research aims to explore how foreign-invested enterprises negotiate, manage intercultural communications and resolve disputes with their host-country key stakeholders, with a particular focus on Chinese private enterprise in Myanmar engaging in the manufacturing of garment.

I will use the concept of legal culture as lens to explore cultural differences, from the interplay of different attitudinal and behavioural patterns such as those of communication, task-management, conflict-resolution and regulatory enforcement and compliance between people of different cultural backgrounds and traditions.

Fieldwork will be conducted in Myanmar, employing ethnographic methods to capture the intercultural interactions between members of different socio-cultural groups, taking into account contextual variables that are locally sensitive. Other than interviews, I will be engaging in participant observation, shadowing and assisting in factory operation to unveil the interesting behaviours, processes and meanings.

Burmese workers in a Chinese-invested garment-manufacturing factory
Garment-manufacturing factory near Pakkoku, Myanmar