I am a doctoral researcher at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies of the University of Oxford, specialising in intercultural communication, dispute resolution and legal culture.

My research project will be a case study of Chinese enterprise investing in Myanmar, using ethnographic research methods.

I am also a lawyer (solicitor) qualified to practise law in Hong Kong.

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Karma: Individualism in the Culture of Myanmar

When measured on the individualism-collectivism scale, Myanmar largely falls in the realm of collectivism, especially when compared against Western societies. However, Myanmar’s unique culture and history instils traits of individualism into its belief system, and sets it apart from East Asian collectivist cultures such as China and Japan. At first glance, Burmese culture and society … Continue reading Karma: Individualism in the Culture of Myanmar

Myanmar’s legal culture under the spotlight

The development of democracy in Myanmar had for years captured attention of the world. With Myanmar on the path of democratisation and economic liberalisation since the reforms in 2011, Myanmar’s foundation of democratic stability and economic development will depend on the country’s legal environment. Drawing its roots from the Buddhist law tradition of Dhammathats, the … Continue reading Myanmar’s legal culture under the spotlight

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